Katrin Fürst / Work Selection


c'est moi

I graduated in architecture when I began my interdisciplinary work including fabrics and cloth into my approach on space. I am co-founder of the fashion label ‘secret lab‘ 2005 - 2007 and of the architecture collective ‚NMA - NoMadArchitecture‘ 2005 - 2011, in where I intensify my interdisciplinary work practice. Besides I have been freelancing as an architect in the areas interior design, architecture and retail design, e.g. for Publicmotor, vonM, deWinder, Saygel & Schreiber, as well as for private clients in Stuttgart and Berlin. Since 2009 I have been working both as a stage and costume designer as well as in the areas design, architecture, installation and performance.

My main focus is the relation between clothes, body and architecture, as well as its performative character. I live and work in Berlin.